Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets

Hosts: Babe Winkelman

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With over 25 years of experience producing the best in outdoor TV, who better than "the Babe", America's most recognized sportsman, to teach...entertain...and enthusiastically inspire hunters And that's exactly what hunting junkies can expect each week on Babe Winkelman's "Outdoor Secrets" television series Literally, if it has to do with hunting, it's all fair game for Babe, "Outdoor Secrets" and the many pro hunters you'll see out in the field or up in the stand on this trend-setting series. Like Big game, small game and exotic animals Destinations ranging from near to far Hunting with a -bow, rifle, shotgun or primitive weapon If you're the wild type who gets turned on by hunting and action taking place in the great outdoors, be sure to hunt down Babe Winkelman's "Outdoor Secrets"