World of Sports Afield

Hosts: Aaron Neilson

Please note that only previews for this show will be available online at this time.

Hosted by international big game hunter Aaron Neilson, World of Sports Afield brings the viewer epic big game action from the world's most exciting hunting destinations. Each week, we take the viewer inside the pages of Sports Afield Magazine as our film crew searches the globe for drama and excitement. Shot on location in the top international hunting destinations, this series captures the spirit of the hunt for some of the world's most coveted big game trophies. From the rugged Yukon, to the mountains of Pakistan, the great game fields of Africa and the windswept mountains of Asia, World Of Sports Afield penetrates the very heart of adventure based programming. Closer to home, our cameras capture the hunt for elk, grizzly and brown bear, whitetail and mule deer and the wild sheep of North America. Adventure based hunting has a new name, World of Sports Afield.