Hosts: Helgie Eymundson

What does it mean to hunt For some it's spending time in the outdoors with family and friends. For some, it's to put meat in the freezer. For most, it's the pursuit of nature's beautiful wild game.For the Flatliners crew, consisting of Brice Folden, Scott Stirling and Dan Forty, it's all of those things... and more.Flatliners Television isn't just a hunting show. It's a documentary about what's new in the world of hunting. Episode by episode, viewers and fans are learning, watching, and living these experiences. Episode by episode, our team of filmmakers and hunters set out with a plan. It's a plan to showcase what hunting is in the 21st Century. Out with the old days of hunting shows. It is a new era in outdoor television. Flatliners Television is different,and is breaking new ground.