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Preview - Nock On The Fan Club- Season 3- Episode 05

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Nock On

The Fan Club

Tune in on a non-stop, action packed strut bustin’ episode where the Nock On Crew members launch arrow after arrow at wild turkeys with their bows. This is a journey across several states in both the spring and the fall as the Pro Staffers wrap tag after tag around the legs of anything with a tail fan.

Showtimes: Monday - 3:30 pm, Wednesday - 11:00 am, Thursday - 9:00 pm, Saturday - 12:30 pm, Sunday - 12:00 am

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WildTv - Canada's Hunting and Fishing Tv Network
WildTv - Canada's Hunting and Fishing Tv Network
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Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
By gutting a road kill doe, and measuring the Fetus in the spring, I can find out when she was bred, and when she would drop her fawns. Valuable info when it comes to managing your local herd. This doe was bred in Dec and would drop fawns late June. This is Not good........ Late fawns mean they are under weight heading into the following winter. This also means there either was not enough bucks to sire the existing Doe herd or, the fawn from last year had hit 80lbs in Dec and came into head a month late. 2 things a deer manager can do. Harvest more does the next fall so all Does get bred at the proper time by balancing the herd, or pass up the yearling bucks to allow them to sire as many does as they can in the month of Nov. Remember, we are hunters are the conservationists!
By Rack Stacker Big Game Attractants
2014-04-23 18:29:39


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