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The Dimestore Fishermen

Lakeland Alberta Seasons

The Dimestore Fishermen travels to the Lakeland region of Alberta for a number of seasonal adventures. The crew visits a family day ice event during the winter and then travels to Elinor Lake for some ice fishing. A visit to Winefred Lake to learn about the life of a special Canadian is also highlighted with some ice fishing on Winefred Lake. In the early summer TDF travels to Pinehurst Lake with Gord Wood and friends.

Showtimes: - 12:00 am, - 12:00 am, - 12:00 am, - 12:00 am, - 12:00 am, Wednesday - 6:00 am, Thursday - 1:00 pm, Thursday - 5:00 pm, Friday - 12:30 am, Saturday - 3:30 pm