WildTV in search of Pro-Staffer Hunter


Canada Hunts will feature the best and most enthusiastic hunters throughout the country. The show will take you from province to province and present the best of what the local hunting scene has to offer. From the trophy Moose in Newfoundland to the prized Dall Sheep in Northern BC, Canada Hunts will showcase real men and women who are passionate about hunting in their own backyard.

WildTV is looking to hire Pro-Staffers. The Pro-Staffer will sell sponsorships for the show. The more sponsorships he or she sells allows the Pro-Staffer to appear in more episodes and entitles he or she to a bigger commission.

The Pro-Staffer will choose their favorite local hunting locations, organize the hunts and appear on camera.

The Pro-Staffer is not responsible for:

    • the production of the show (this includes cinematography, and location sound)
    • the post-production of the show (including picture, sound, and story editing)
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SANTA BARBARA, Calif - (January 7, 2016) – Just in time for the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show, thermal imaging innovator Seek Thermal announces its partnership with “The EDGE”, Wild TV’s top-rated TV show which has showcased hunting in North America for more than six years. The strategic marketing partnership and sponsorship will broaden exposure of Seek’s line of affordable thermal imaging devices in a market where big game hunting, among other outdoor activities, is not only a serious passion but also a lifestyle. The program follows experienced hunters and avid outdoorsmen Jeff Coyle, Steve Ecklund and Helgie Eymundson, on their never-ending quest for big game in North America. Seek’s products will be integrated into the show to educate those in the sport about the advantages personal thermal imagers offer, from staying out longer to making smarter and safer decisions.

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New episodes of a whole bunch of great shows in 2016!

4 December 2015

Wild TV has confirmed new episodes of a whole bunch of great shows for Q1 of 2016, with plenty to look forward to regardless of your interests!

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Announcing new episodes of Babe Winkelman and three exciting safari shows in 2016

6 November 2015

Wild TV announces new episodes of these great shows for Q1 of 2016.

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More new and returning shows confirmed for Q1 of 2016

30 October 2015

Wild TV announces new episodes of the following shows for Q1 of 2016.

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New Shows Announced for Q1 and Q3 of 2016

16 October 2015

Wild TV announces new episodes of the following show for Q1 of 2016.

The New Fly Fisher
The New Fly Fisher is all about education. This series is truly designed to be an educational and instructional experience. It will teach you more about entomology and ecology, how a graphite or cane rod is designed and built, why leaders are constructed a certain way, and which cast will help you to compensate for difficult water currents. Each week guests, including well-know fly fishing celebrities and other experts, will instruct you in something new and interesting about fly-fishing. The New Fly Fisher features clear and concise instruction, animations to help explain a specific point or tactic, and stunning underwater videography.

Wild TV is also pleased to confirm the following show will be debuting on Wild TV for Q3 of 2016.

Coyote Country
Coyote Country was created by Leo Paquin in 2012 as a way to share his family's outdoor adventures with his extended family and friends. The show features the Paquin family's numerous Alberta hunting adventures and fishing trips. Coyote Country is the Canadian winner of Season 2 of "The Search".

New and Returning Shows Announced for Q1 of 2016

9 October 2015

Wild TV announces new episodes of the following new and returning shows for Q1 of 2016.

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Gear Hunters - IWOM

7 October 2015

Gear Hunters comes to you this time from a -17°C meat locker, where Helgie Eymundson is testing out the IWOM XT full-body heat and scent containment suit. The IWOM XT opens up from a compact fanny pack, to a parka, to a full-body suit, and even includes a built-in face mask and hand warmer pockets. Waterproof, windproof and breathable, these suits will keep you comfortable out in the field whether it's +4°C or well below zero.

Gear Hunters - Lewis Winch

6 October 2015

In this Gear Hunters, Helgie Eymundson and Jeff Coyle introduce you to the versatile chainsaw Lewis Winch, the high-powered portable winch that uses a chainsaw as a power head. It is designed to mount on any chainsaw with its universal adaptor system, making it perfect for use out in the bush. With 4000 to 8000 pounds of power, the Lewis Winch is the ideal solution for retrieving game animals without quartering them first, or even for getting your truck unstuck.

Gear Hunters - ThermaCELL©

2 October 2015

Wild TV's Helgie Eymundson and Jeff Coyle walk you through the benefits of ThermaCELL©'s heated insoles and heat packs for outdoor cold-weather activities. Whether you're looking for an insole that will keep your feet warm out in the field or a compact heat solution that will fit in your mitts or pockets at the football game, ThermaCELL©'s rechargeable products will ensure you can keep doing what you love in all weather for years to come.

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