Babe Winkleman's Good Fishing
Babe Winkelman's "Good Fishing" is the finest in multi-species angling adventure. It's the perfect mix of in-depth education, new product features, and weekly fish recipes served up in an entertaining style.

Hornady's Dark and Dangerous
Hornady's Dark and Dangerous is a theme-based series dedicated entirely to the pursuit of Africa's "Big Seven". This series gives a unique insight into the hunt for elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino, as well as the aquatic heavyweights, hippo and Nile crocodile, all seen from the perspective of the professional hunter. Ivan breakdowns the habits,hunting techniques, and potential dangers associated with hunting each of these seven species and discusses, in detail, the decisions that need to be made as it happens in various hunting scenarios. Go along with the award-winning Safari Classics camera team as they capture the thrill, drama, and danger of close encounters with these legendary game animals from the very best game field.

Wild TV is also pleased to confirm the following shows will be returning in Q3 of 2016.

Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets
The cameras of Babe Winkelman's "Outdoor Secrets" focus on all types of hunting traditions and issues affecting every sportsman. Hosted by Babe Winkelman, it's action-packed hunting adventure, wild game preparation from Kris' Kitchen and information on the latest outdoor gear.

Dallas Safari Club's Tracks Across Africa
Tracks Across Africa is dedicated to capturing the excitement and drama of the African safari… the last great adventure on earth. Shot on location in the finest game fields of Africa, Dallas Safari Club's Tracks Across Africa covers the safari experience to a degree no other program has ever attempted. In addition to exciting safari hunting action, this series contains valuable safari tips, conservation messages and trophy tips designed to both entertain and educate the safari enthusiast.

World of Sports Afield
Hosted by Aaron Neilson, World of Sports Afield takes the viewer around the globe in search of big game adventure. From the rugged Yukon, to the windswept mountains of Asia, and the great game fields of Africa, this series delivers world class hunting in each episode.

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