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A-Way Outdoors

Hosts: Greg Abbas,Fred Abbas

A-Way Outdoors Host's Fred and Greg share their hunting knowledge with the viewer on A-Way Outdoors through their many on hunt tips and game plans. A-Way Outdoors takes the viewer on exciting over the shoulder hunting and fishing adventures from across the U.S. and Canada. Fred and Greg also invite friends along in pursuit of fish and game as well, so that they too can share their knowledge with the audience. A-Way Outdoors will bring the viewer along on a variety of exciting hunting and fishing adventures including deer, bear, turkey, elk, hog, waterfowl, salmon, walleye, and more. The viewer is guaranteed to walk away with new useful knowledge that will help him or her on their next trip to the outdoors.

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Tick Field
Tick Field
I am fairly new to Wild TV and so far my 3 favorites are The Edge , Cody Robbins Live2 Hunt and Jim Shockey Hunting Chronicles . I have never seen Uncharted so I am wondering if there is a significant fee that you have to Pay to Show such a show ?! Do you have to pay someone like Jim or Cody or Ryan More to use their shows than say Canada in the Rough or Canadian Tradition ? Basically is it a Financial or Content based reason for airing or not airing certain Programs ? Just curious
2015-07-05 02:21:18
Sheldon Wayne Pasqua
Sheldon Wayne Pasqua
When are u gonna air Jim shockey uncharted 2
2015-07-05 01:13:28


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