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Canadian Whitetail Television
Canadian Whitetail Television
Here are a few photos of my 2015 Whitetail from yesterday afternoon. I am still feeling very blessed to have had the opportunity to take such a gorgeous, massive bodied old buck. This hunt was completely unlike how our hunts usually take place, and THAT was half the fun. I can't wait to share the story of this hunt, and this deer on the Pursuit Channel "We Deliver The Outdoors" and Wild TV - Canada's Hunting and Fishing TV Network next season, showing the many sides of how a hunt can go great, and horriably wrong. From the highs of close encounters to the lows of lost opportunity. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police even make an appearance, and it sounds now like there will even be an upcoming arrest (And hopefull recovery of gear). ,but for today I am still enjoying the success and taking full advantage of the opportunity to admire such a beautiful animal. Anyone else notice the unique little white stripes on his nose? Bacon wrapped backstraps for supper tonight! Excalibur Crossbow Black Eagle Arrows Limbsaver Central Boiler Hooyman Saws KYMCO Canada Scooters, ATVs & UTVs Under Armour Hunt Ozonics Hunting @Big and J
Photos from Canadian Whitetail Television's post
Photos from Canadian Whitetail Television's post
2015-11-26 03:29:01


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