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Show - A Rifleman's Journal

A Rifleman's Journal

Hosts: Greg Rodriguez

Please note that only previews for this show will be available online at this time.

A Rifleman's Journal showcases Greg's passions for big game hunting and exploring foreign lands, with an incredible variety of once-in-a-lifetime hunts from around the world each season. The show also serves as a platform for him to provide valuable ballistics information and marksmanship tips that focus on a solid grasp of the fundamentals, rather than a particular product, to help hunters gain confidence on the range and in the field.

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Vyacheslav Kuchmenko
Vyacheslav Kuchmenko
Сплав на вездеходе по реке Яхрома.
Сплав на вездеходе по реке Яхрома.
Сделал ролик как многие просят без муз дорожки. Это просто покатушка по лесной речке, проехали километров 5 а потом надоело, едет и едет.
2015-11-28 07:01:50
Wild TV - Canada's Hunting and Fishing TV Network
Wild TV - Canada's Hunting and Fishing TV Network
King of the River - Today at 4:30 am Central. King of the River is a documentary series that invites viewers into the intimate world of Atlantic salmon fly fishing. The action will take place on the beautiful salmon rivers of Gaspésie and Bas St-Laurent, showing the amazing landscapes of the Gaspe Peninsula located in eastern Québec, Canada. André will teach the secrets of fly fishing, a particular and very enjoyable type of fishing, chosen by thousands of worldwide fishers. Showtimes: Tuesday - 8:00 am, Saturday - 4:30 am, Sunday - 11:00 pm. All times are Central.
Length 01:31
2015-11-28 07:01:00


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