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Show - The Hitmen

The Hitmen

Hosts: Blaine Anthony

From the multi-award winning producers of Bear Whisperer and North American Safari comes an outdoor series specifically designed for the Canadian viewers.  Hitmen Canada features hunts from Canada and around the world with the entire executive producer team from different part of Canada.  Hitmen Canada promises to have that down home ”I’m in hunting camp with the boys” feel combined with some of the most exciting hunting action available on any network.Don’t be confused though, even though the hitmen is run out of Ontario Canada, hitmen from all over the provinces and the world, travel globe in search of the most entertaining exciting hunts available and bring them to you each week only on Wild TV.

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John Kutchera
John Kutchera
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2014-11-22 22:28:15
WildTv - Canada's Hunting and Fishing Tv Network
WildTv - Canada's Hunting and Fishing Tv Network
Awesome video! Must see!
The Draw of the Hunt [VIDEO] - Wide Open Spaces
The Draw of the Hunt [VIDEO] - Wide Open Spaces
The Draw, directed by Ryan Wheeler and TC Worley, beautifully illustrates what makes bow hunting a religious experience.
2014-11-22 22:00:01


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