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Host Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham showcase the entire world of shooting, guns, hunting, and the excitement of shooting competitions on Gun Talk Television, a wide-ranging showcase for the breadth of gun ownership in America. One week features a night time hog hunt with directions from a drone. Another episode covers the most popular questions about concealed carry, complete with tips for beginners and experienced gunnies. Top firearms instructors show how to handle machine guns as well as handguns and shotguns, manufacturers reveal new guns and accessories, and new shooters get put into tough self-defense situations and have to fight their way out.

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The CAMO Cowboy
The CAMO Cowboy
The CAMO Cowboy 43 minutes ago. People always ask me how they can kill a big buck. I always tell them its a combination of things. For one, you have to have a certain amount of knowledge in the animal and the area that you are hunting. Big bucks are smart, and as our hunting tactics evolve, so do the deer. For example, 50 years ago, deer never looked up into the tree tops. Death from above just didn't happen! I tell them that they have to pay there dues and have lots of patience. I think this is the hardest one for them to swallow. It's not solely their fault. In this day and age when everything is getting faster and faster, the technology etc, they expect that harvesting a big buck should be quick too. Guess again! I think game cameras have been the biggest advancement in the last 20 years. They can provide years worth of information in one season and save a lot of boot leather. To top it off, you need to have good luck. Every year you hear of that one lucky guy/gal, that's goes out into the woods for their first time deer hunting, and kills a HOG! Congratulations to them but that's not the norm. On the other hand, I know better hunters then me that have never killed a buck over 150 B&C. Luck plays a huge role! One piece of advice for hunting during the rut- never overlook lakes surrounded by cattails! I have discovered some wily old bucks push their ladies out into them along the lake shore. They feel that the threat of another buck stealing their date is lessened and they have a easier time keeping their betrothed from escaping. I have harvested a couple great bucks in this very situation, and have seen several more! With that, I wish you all a great hunting season and GOOD LUCK! The CAMO Cowboy
2014-07-22 20:55:37
WildTv - Canada's Hunting and Fishing Tv Network
WildTv - Canada's Hunting and Fishing Tv Network
It's this weekend folks! Hope you're ready. There's also a chance to win free tickets if you head over to Canada's Wild Outdoor Expo Contest ENDS soon!
Outdoor Expo - Venue
Outdoor Expo - Venue
Canada's Wild Outdoor Expo featuring Huntfest is the must see event of the year! Canada’s largest outdoor show has everything in one place for all outdoor enthusiasts—hunting, fishing, motorsports and extreme adventure as well as live music and entertainment daily.
2014-07-22 18:51:09


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